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Those are some really well drawn dildos my good sir

Cant handle these high levels of wholesome

this is so adorable omfg

HOwLiNG-MAdFoxHatter responds:

Glad you think so : D

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this is a very fun concept ive seen before but not ever this well done before!

I feel like though giving the player the music and sfx upgrades right at the start is a bit cheap? Would have been more fun to find those things myself. Along those lines the upgrades that basically do nothing where quite annoying. I get that they are supposed to be funny but, a hunger meter that ended up doing nothing, a bad navi joke, and annoying shoe noises are not funny. Well they might be to you the dev at my expense but as a player they where not that fun.

I also felt the meta text was a bit dumb in places. Let ME figure out i am supposed to duck, let ME be surprised when i find the exit again, do not point out that you the dev put in a long ass elevator (cause its not funny to point out you did a bad game design) etc etc !

BUT I adore the art direction ! And the platforming was so solid ! Having to figure out how to platform while only being able to move left was probably the strongest part of the game. Every death for that area felt like it was my fault and stuff. Slowly expanding my moveset with actually helpful upgrades was oh so satisfying !!

Personally i feel like if this project was put back into development for a bit longer it could turn into a real classic !

this game reminded me of a lot of healthy coping practices i forgot i should be doing and i cant thank you enough for that

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would bop my head to it again

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how adorbs !

the queen herself !!

Rip Business Jane: Youve been forever ruined for me.
Epic as frick art tho legit !

I draw and make stuff and sometimes its funny

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Man i wish

Here lol

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